Fiber Optic Microscope

fiber optic inspection microscopes are mainly use in optical component and equipment factories for female tips’ inspection and analysis.It’s the best choice for female(In adapter) inspection.With the special software,you can observe the realtime end-face and store the inspection images and videos as the proof of responsibility checking and analysing.
    Standard 400 enlargement times, 1.0um resolution
    Suitable for all kinds of PC or APC,male or female tips’ inspection
    Suitable for SC.FC.E2000.ST.MU.LC.MTRJ etc tips’ inspection
    Bulkhead finished or semifinished product inspection included
    USB output,laptop computer LCD  display
    Realtime image and video record on the computer
Packing List:
1.  Probe
2. US20/Driver CD
3. USB Wire
4. Standard Tips(2.5PC-M/FC-SC-F/LC-F)
5. Black Soft Bag
Optical Parts:
1. LC Adapter
2. Optional Tip(ST-F/E2000-F/SC-F-APC/FC-F-APC/1.25PC-M/2.5APC-M/MU-F/SMA-M)

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